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University mission statement


The university will provide accessible, high-quality liberal arts, 专业, 为城市居民和社区提供研究生教育, with continued emphasis on underserved groups, including adults and communities of color.

Within the context of lifelong learning, 这所大学将以创新的以学生为中心的项目为基础,使来自不同背景的学生实现他们的教育目标.

大学致力于卓越的学术和社区伙伴关系通过课程, 教学, scholarship and 服务 designed to support an urban mission.

University 愿景 statement

白菜交流论坛politan State University, a member of the Minnesota State College and University System, will be the premier urban, 公共, 综合系统大学在双城都会区,将提供高质量的, 以学生为中心的负担得起的教育项目和服务.

教师, 白菜交流论坛的工作人员和学生将反映该地区丰富的多样性, 建立一个具有文化能力和反种族主义的学习社区,并表现出对公民参与的坚定承诺.


  • 卓越

    Your education has to be the best. 因为你投资的不只是金钱,你投资的是时间和激情. So, we make it a priority to provide innovative, 高质量的教育经验,教师是他们的领域的专家. We don't just help you earn a degree. We'll help you prepare for your future.

  • 订婚

    白菜发布论坛融入了白菜发布论坛的社区,并在其成功中扮演积极的角色. 白菜发布论坛与地区企业和组织合作,为白菜发布论坛的学生提供真实的学习体验. 白菜发布论坛将自己作为当地团体的资源提供给那些致力于改善当地社区的团体.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    白菜发布论坛赞美并包容所有追求高质量高等教育的声音. We value all forms of diversity, no matter one's ethnicity, religious or sexual preferences, 收入水平, learning style or area of academic focus. 所有人都欢迎. 都是有价值的.

  • Open, respectful climate

    Students learn better in a safe, open and respectful environment. You'll find one here. 白菜发布论坛鼓励学生和教师参与有意义的对话,拥抱不同的观点和观点. 这些都为学生提供了丰富的经验和健康的交流模式,可以用于他们的职业生涯.

  • 完整性

    完整性 isn't a one-way street. 所以,尽管白菜发布论坛希望白菜发布论坛的学生诚实行事, 道德的方式, we also demand the same from ourselves. We're transparent in how we operate. We make sure that all voices are heard. And we're accountable for our actions. You deserve nothing less.